Growing Demand for Co-Working Space

As small office space becomes harder to find in downtown Portland and a large expense for small businesses and start-ups, many entrepreneurs are moving towards co-working spaces as a good, flexible alternative. These small business owners find convenience in the month-to-month lease term, networking opportunities and an overall working environment they can find to fit their needs.

The amenities are also a draw to many small businesses – whether it is coffee and free snacks or even local beers on tap at Cloudport.  Additional offers include events with speakers, private meeting rooms and the ability to host events. You can choose between renting a private office or opt for a more open working environment by renting an open seat at a work bench.

Users of these co-working spaces appreciate the collaborative community and ability to network with other entrepreneurs. With an abundance of options, there seems to be a fit for every type of worker – between the female-only co-working office CoWorkhers or space geared towards artists and work shop spaces, specifically for hands-on building projects at Open Bench Project.

See our full list of co-working spaces in the Greater Portland area below.

Adapting Office Environments

While co-working spaces are a great short-term solution for many small businesses, office space for larger companies continues to be a necessity. With open office environments becoming more prevalent, companies are continuing to adapt to new trends and finding the importance in upgrading their office space and amenities as a part of their overall image. Many corporations are focused on attracting new talent and do so through perks in the office space; whether it is free snacks, game rooms, nice furniture or relocating to a new area closer to amenities.

With Millennials taking over the work force, offices are adapting to accommodate their demands. The focus over the past few years has certainly shifted to more of a wellness trend for employees as this seems to be a concern for many Millennials in the pursuit for a work/life balance. Some of these “wellness” focused trends include standing/treadmill desks, healthy snacks, allowing employees to work from home and workout facilities in the building.

The wellness and more open environment has impacted the overall layout that companies are choosing for their office space. There are less-permanent offices/cubicles and more bench seating that allows people to come and go as well as comfortable seating areas to encourage collaboration. We have seen that many employees still prefer going into an office in order to be more productive and collaborate with others.

Local Co-working Options

If you are searching for an interim office space, we have compiled a list below of local co-working spaces that could suit your needs. Once you are ready to expand your business and office space, reach out to us and we can assist with your office search!

ThinkTank | 533 Congress Street, Portland | 40 Lafayette – Yarmouth | 40 Main St, Biddeford
Urban professionals for remote workers
Access to private offices, dedicated desks, common work stations, conference rooms, lounges and wifi
Memberships month-to month with no commitments

PelotonLabs | 795 Congress Street, Portland
Provide combination of co-working space, coaching, network opportunities, workshops, and social activities to help members meet goals
Memberships month-to-month

The Engine Room | 41 York Street, Portland
Creative open working space
Memberships require a month to month lease agreement with a two month trial period and 60 day notice for termination

Cloudport | 63 Federal Street, Portland
Monthly events, beers on tap, unlimited refreshments, speakers & networking

CoworkHERS | 411 Congress Street, Portland
coworkHERS is a shared work space and social club designed to support female professionals. It is the first and only female-focused co-working space in Portland, Maine.

SoPoCo Works | 1486 Broadway, South Portland

Open Bench Project 971 Congress Street, Portland
Open work space and bench space for creative individuals

The Public Works 52 Adler Street, Portland
Collaborative work space designed for creative entrepreneur from studios, office space, event space and larger workshops – everyone can work together under one roof